Welcome to the First Age Private School Section

If you are visiting us for the first time, a prospective or current parent or if you are simply interested in our school we hope you will find everything you need whilst exploring.

First Age Private School started with the Nursery and has grown over the period. It has been over 30 years of unbeatable, qualitative, captivating academic        excellence and geometric progression of FAPS is quite incredible.

 It has been a journey filled with opportunities of the vision and the mission of the school to attain her goals   It’s not our own making but God Almighty.

Our Section

The vision for our school highly represents our pupil voice. Our children see our school as a ‘happy family’ who all work ‘together’ as a team to achieve the best in all that they do. We set the well being and learning of our children as the highest priority by promoting an ethos in which all children are valued and relationships are based on respect, honesty and trust.

We have high expectations of the quality of teaching and learning. Through effective teaching and a meaningful curriculum we aim to make learning vivid, real and enjoyable. Our happy, safe and caring environment encourages and challenges children to be active, creative, independent and self–critical learners who are not afraid of making mistakes.