Teaching the children about their fathers

How else can you teach a child about fathers in a classroom filled with children, if not bringing the fathers to the classroom.

talking to one of the Nursery 2 pupils today, this is what he had to say.

Begin transcript…….

A. I learnt about my dad today.

Q. What did you learn about your father today?

A. I found out my daddy likes eating┬áSemo and watching football but cannot play because he’s now older now.

Q. DId you learn anything else about you father?

A. Yes i learnt that my dad likes computers and uses computers to work.

End transcript ………

it was also a fun day as the three leg race capped it up with some of our fathers literarily dragging their child by one hand and one leg..

img_20161006_082825 img_20161006_081417More Pics after the cut… img_20161006_081652 img_20161006_081807 img_20161006_082303 img_20161006_082506