Poetry for this week

Here are the top three poems by the pupils for this week

Men are wolves
This they become when angry
Turning everything around them into garbage
A woman is a dove
her gentleness is seen in her eyes
so pure and calm

By Fatima Imam (Grade 3)

Shine bright Mr Sun
Give us happiness
Don’t be gone
How are you so hot?
And the great heat you’ve got
Oh I wonder, oh I wonder
Why are you yellow and not green?
How do you know who is nice
And not a lice
Oh Mr.sun! Oh Mr. Sun!
Shine bright Mr. Sun


By Sunmibare Solagbade


If the flowers in the morning rise above the ground
The bee, the bee say buzz buzz buzz
If the sun rises just above the sky
The bee, the bee, produces honey
If the children in the playground disturbs
The bee, the bee, stings them all

By Rofem Iyamba