Introducing Poetry in FAPS

From introducing Poetry into the curriculum simply to expand the horizons of our children, to receiving poems that’s worth submitting into world art galleries. This is the story of the First Age Private Schools Poetry Class. Every week we shall be posting selected poems from our pupils, so for this week here are the poems from 3 selected pupils

Poetry for the week ending Friday 26th May 2017

The Sun

Oh big might sun

Giving warmth to the earth

From earth we see you so small

But from outer space, earth is a tiny piece

I wonder what we would do without you

If the sun were no more

We will starve and freeze to death

By Erioluwa Odeniran
Grade 6

The Stars and the World

The stars are in galaxies so high

In the sky shining so bright as a diamond

The world hangs on nothing

and yet carries millions of people

Isn’t that amazing?

To see them, awe and inspiring

Only if I were to be one of them

  By Kevwe Etaduovie
Grade 4

The Magical Rainbow

Where did you come from?

Magical wonder,

Entertainment of joy

Different colours running down like a waterfall

Oh! Oh! Magical rainbow come to me

The wonder of life

For you I stand

Oh Magical wonder!

  By Ijaja Samuel
Grade 5