First Ever First Age Private Schools Technology / Science & Arts Exhibition

It was as usual a ground breaking event that has chatted a course for the future. First Age Private Schools will always remain a pace setter around the Kubwa environs and Abuja in general.

The showpiece was success as parents, guardians and visitors alike was in awe of what the FAPS Children showcased. From the ICT section to the Science section and finally to the Arts section, there were lots of eye catching projects and mouth watering projects too…..

I was especially amazed at the alternate source of power project in which the pupils generated electricity enough to power a LED bulb with Irish potatoes (awesome right)

some of the projects include:

Bead Making

Juice Making

Ankara Bags and trinkets


Table Marts

Throw Pillows

Picture Frames

Air Fresheners

Scouring Powders

Brochure Designs using Photoshop

Pictures after the cut…DSC01384 DSC01404 DSC01412 DSC01429 DSC01511 DSC01538 IMG_20160625_121822 IMG_20160623_132614 IMG_20160623_131848 IMG_20160623_124828 IMG_20160623_120128 IMG_20160623_120134 IMG_20160621_160818