First Age Robotics Program

The First Age Robotics Program (FARP), took the robotics education to the next level by taking the children to the Abuja Roborave Robotics Fair, that took place at Aduvie International Schools Jahi, Abuja.

It was an exciting experience for the children as they exhibited and showcased their knowledge in programming the mbot robot using the Makeblock program.In attendance were Abuja Elite schools like Start-Rite Schools Apo, Aduvie International, Braintrust, Kingsville Jahi, Starville Jahi, amongst others. Out of the 12 schools that participated (Primary and Secondary), First Age Private Schools placed second position.

A big thanks to the parents that keeps supporting the Digital club at the school. we hope to take the robotics program much further by enrolling for international events come next year.