About First Age

First Age Private Schools (FAPS) Kubwa is a bedrock of sound education, a citadel of learning, where quality education is a culture rather than a goal.
Quality education is one that helps you discover your uniqueness and teach you how to develop it. This is why at FAPS we consider the rigors that is associated with quality education essential for the development of our pupils, not for today, but for tomorrow.
FAPS Arena is a platform from the stables of First Age Private Schools, for information dissemination, hard work acknowledgment and skills showcasing.


Our mission is to bridge the gap that exists in so many area of school activities; to understand our children by giving them an enabling environment of warmth and love which allows them build up self-confidence, discipline and optimal academic level.


Our vision is to create an atmosphere where parents, teachers as well as the children come together to analyze situations affecting our children’s morals and academics for the purpose of removing any impediments thereby encouraging good traits for better generations.

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M7 Army Settlement Scheme, Extention III Kubwa Abuja

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