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The Trip to Kaduna by Train

It wasn’t enough to teach Modes of Transportation in the class like the curriculum specified, we had to take it to the road… and since the children are quite conversant with Cars, we decided to take it to the next level.
Pictures they say speak louder…. so here is a picture gallery of our trip to Kaduna via Train


Poetry for the week

Love is like the sunlight
Absorbed through the skin
Like photosynthesis of feelings
Illuminating the inner me.
I glow with passion
A radiance within me
Shining out upon its source
For she is the sun
And she gives me the power
To grow in to a better man

By Ediomo Uko (Grade 6)

Life is a bottomless pit
You keep falling down beneath
Its hard to rise
Because you lie beside the truth and lies
You are stuck in the darkness
Because you chose to become a little bit cruel

Life is good on earth
but bad in death
life is a flower when living
but a mystery when you are a spirit.

By Samuel Kemfon (Grade 5)

There are many white bight stars
That the world can see
Can be a very fluffy snow
It can be white, yellow,
Green or blue
Can be reliable like a chair
And the world will not be corrupt

By Melphah Raphael (Grade 3)