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Summer Boot Camp

Do you want to actively engage your children during this holidays? Are you looking to strengthen your child’s Mathematics and spoken English? Do you want your children to be better equipped with life skills for a better tomorrow? search no further. Enroll your child today @ First Age Private Schools Summer Boot Camp. our programs include:

  • Robotics

  • Music

  • Mad Science

  • Skill Acquisition

  • Therapeutic Aerobics

  • Numeracy

  • Literacy

  • Life exercise

  • Special needs Education. etc.

Date: August 5th – 30th
for more information please contact 092916399


Schooling the children on the issues of Security

A Session with select Security Agencies in Nigeria

As part of our goal to educate, and not just any education but quality education, First Age Private Schools Kubwa with the zeal to provide practical experience and ensure assimilation, invited some members of the Nigerian Police Force, Nigerian Immigrations Servivce and Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps personnel for a one on one talk with the children.

The objective of this session is to teach National Values and sensitize the children on the names and duties of the different security agencies in Nigeria.

The resource persons includes:

  • DSP Ukorobo Uchenna (Nigerian Police)

  • Mrs Grace Ani (CSI Nigerian Immigrations)

  • Officer Akor Eneh (NSCDC)


Featured Graphic

FAPSLIGHT goes life on Playstore

Its always a thing of joy when steps are taking by these pupils towards the future. It was one of those steps towards greatness as the pupils of FAPS Digital Club launched their first Android Application on Google Play Store.

FAPSLIGHT is Android application that functions as a torchlight for android phones and tablets that utilizes the camera flashlight. The app development was championed by Onoja John, who handled the coding part of it, Taiwo Marvellous who controlled the design phase, and Ireoluwa Odeniran and Sunmibare Solagbade whose tasks was to provide the graphic resources for the App.

To download the application; open Google Playstore ns search for FAPSLIGHT or click on the button below




3rd Term 2017/2018 Week 2 Performance Chart

Week 2 Performance Chart


PLAYGROUP ROSEIbrahim StephanieOlabosinde TeminireoluwaIbrahim StephanieOlabosinde TeminireoluwaAbdullatif Iremide
PLAYGROUP PEACHEjila JesseAghonomoesi OnomeAghonomoesi OnomePhinehasChukwukaima


Nursery 1 GOLDMakinde TaiwoBeida JosephUzoma JoshuaMelfah SethAbikoye Ansel
Nursery 1 RUBYSuleiman MuhammedMakinde KehindeOkeke ChideraAmatullah BashirNuhu Nasrullah
Nursery 2 GOLDSolagbade WamiAkor RaymondFawibe IbitayoSolagbade WamiBankole Adewumi
Nursery 2 DIAMONDUzoma DavidNzewuji KamsiOrji ChimamandaUgbotor Bankole Adewumi
Nursery 2 RUBYUzoma DeborahNwokolo ChibusommaIbrahim TaiwoYakubu FatimiHephzibah

Lower Primary

GRADE 1 GOLDOnoja JosephUchenna EmmanuellaOchuba ChierikaAdeyeye-Dada GloryEmeka-Iyah Mikel
GRADE 1 DIAMONDOdezugo SidneyTimilehin Ijeh-Christian AlleluiaAina IreoluwaAjuyah Joyce
GRADE 2 GOLDOlateru ToluwaniAbalaka JoanAnene StephenOlateru ToluwaniDim Kamsi
GRADE 2 RUBYLabesa EthanSamuel EmemUgbotor PhilemonNnabuenyi GoodnewsGimba Faiza
GRADE 3 DIAMONDOtasowie EfeAmu-Nnadi DidoChibuzo PrincewillAina OlamideNakande Tisah
GRADE 3 RUBYOtumbadi FairhaatsOtumbadi FairhaatsDaranijo DavidOtumbadi FairhaatsWhyte Temisan

Upper Primary

GRADE 4 DIAMONDMelfah RaphaelImam FatimaMelfah RaphaelDanladi-Abalaka JemimahOladeji Favour
GRADE 4 RUBYAnwasi KenechukwuAti GoldArabi AhmedAnwasi Kenechukwu
GRADE 5 GOLDOnoja JohnEtaduovie KevweOnoja JohnOnoja John
GRADE 5 DIAMONDImam AminaOdezugo ParisOdezugo ParisImam Amina
GRADE 6Solagbade SunmibareOdeniran IreoluwaSamuel KemfonSolagbade SunmibareUsim Emmanuel


First Age Robotics Program

The First Age Robotics Program (FARP), took the robotics education to the next level by taking the children to the Abuja Roborave Robotics Fair, that took place at Aduvie International Schools Jahi, Abuja.

It was an exciting experience for the children as they exhibited and showcased their knowledge in programming the mbot robot using the Makeblock program.In attendance were Abuja Elite schools like Start-Rite Schools Apo, Aduvie International, Braintrust, Kingsville Jahi, Starville Jahi, amongst others. Out of the 12 schools that participated (Primary and Secondary), First Age Private Schools placed second position.

A big thanks to the parents that keeps supporting the Digital club at the school. we hope to take the robotics program much further by enrolling for international events come next year.


RoboFAPS – The First Age Private School Robotics Program

Good Day everyone and welcome to the second term of the 2017-2018 session. As a tradition in First Age Private Schools Kubwa, we hit the ground running as we introduced new programs to help the children. We started a new reading program for Grade 1 – 4, NTC Mathematics Preparatory and after school lesson Grade 5 and 6, and the icing on the cake is the Robotics program.

RoboFAPS – The New FAPS Robotics program in partnership with New Horizons Systems Solutions, will kick off the pilot edition this week with select children from Grade 3 – 6.
Our vision is to help children construct their ideas into reality, to enrich the soil of creativity and to take education to the next level.

As technology becomes increasingly more advanced, maker & STEM education will also become essential. We are hoping to team up with robotics fans of all ages to create a robotics construction platform that will lower entry barriers for Makers & STEM learners. Makeblock is an important step in our mission to make robotics accessible to all.” —— Jasen Wang (Founder and CEO – MAKEBLOCK)

FAPS Coding Club – “Coding is a new language – Every child Deserves to be Fluent”

New Horizons Digital Club – “Choose, Learn, Innovate”

RoboRave – “Today’s Play, Tomorrow’s Pay.”




Continents of the World

We didn’t just want to read maps, or open text books, or use the internet to learn about the continents of the world. No, that will be what other schools do. We at First Age Private Schools Kubwa go hands on…. since we couldn’t just travel around the continents for time constraints we build it for ourselves from scratch, yes u heard it right, we built it from ground up. On the same project we learnt Recycling, the use of Starch, teamwork and of course Continents of the World. See pictures for more details


A Visit to the Art and Culture Center

It was yet another educating excursion as the Grade 1 & 2 pupils of First Age Private Schools Kubwa visited the Arts and Culture Center for a trip to the cultural heritage of our country Nigeria. What better instructional material is required to explain culture if not an encounter with the artifacts, totems, commissioned drawings and paintings and most of all, lovers and learned professionals in the field of Nigerian Culture.

IMG-20171108-WA000There were lots of questions by the children as they were amazed by the paintings and art works present at the center. It was indeed an exciting experience for everyone.


A visit to the Zoo

It was one of those lessons that needed to be taken out of school, teaching in First Age Private Schools is not about standing in front on the class to explain the textbook to the children by showing them pictures, yes sometimes we cannot help but show pictures, but then when we can, we do take it to the next level. That was the case of Nursery 2 last week, as they paid a visit to the Park and Zoo to have fun while learning, Teaching a child how cunning a tortoise can be from a story book while that child rides on the back of a 90 year old tortoise was an experience that is irreplaceable. Just as we did with Grade 3 on the trip to Kaduna by train (Teaching train transportation and rural settlements).


Celebrating UNICEF Day

The United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF) was created by the UN General Assembly in 1946 to provide humanitarian and development assistance to children and mothers in developing nations. UNICEF Day is marked every 31st of October.
First Age Private Schools Kubwa. celebrated the UNICEF Day, by visiting the children at the IDP camp in Garki. There were lessons learned and taught, one of which the value of Education and the need to help those in need.
Questions asked by the pupils of First Age Private Schools at the camp included ” Why are they called displaced” “Why are the rich in the society not coming to help them” “Why are the ones in Primary 4 looking so Matured” “Why are they sitting on the ground to learn” .

Its really an experience and an eye opener for both the pupils and the teachers. We need to do more as citizens of Nigeria.

There is no trust more sacred than the one the world holds with children. There is no duty more important than ensuring that their rights are respected, that their welfare is protected, that their lives are free from fear and want and that they can grow up in peace. — Kofi Annan


Jungle in Scout Day Camp

The 2017 Jungle in Scout Day Camp took place on Saturday 21st of October and of course First Age wasn’t left out as we stormed the camp with a great number of pupils, more than any other school present. Oh yes, we are not just about the books…..

The event is a one day camping and gaming extravaganza organized annually by the Scout Association of Nigeria. This year’s Abuja event took place at Millennium park, with lots of games and activities that teach mental strength, problem solving skills, agility, endurance and lots more.


Nursery II Fathers Day

It wouldn’t have been complete after writing a composition about the Mother without writing one for the Father.so it was the turn of our fathers to visit their children in school and tell them what it means to be a father, what fathers do everyday and how to write a story about fathers.

The day ended with a few games which was loads of fun and educational for the children. A big thank you to our fathers for making out time to help educate the children.

Contents by Nursery 2


Mothers Day Visit

It was an exciting day for us and the children as mothers paid us a visit to help the pupils of Nursery two compose their first composition about Mothers, What better way to teach a child how to write a story other than a full description by the person who the story is about.

A million thanks to those that honoured our invitation, to those that couldn’t make it, you missed out on a lot of fun, we hope you will be able to make it next time.



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